The work of CCWT would not be possible without the generous support provided by our funders and supporters. If you are interested in helping to continue the work of our Center, please contact CCWT Director Matthew Hora at

University of Wisconsin System

To conduct the College Internship Study at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, the University of Wisconsin System kindly provided a $25,000 grant to CCWT in 2018.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

To support the College Internship Study, our Institutional Ethnographies (i.e., CBPAR projects), and the College Internship Research Symposium, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided support ($1,832,870) to the Center in 2019.

The National Science Foundation

An expansion of the College Internship Study to a group of six new institutional partners, all Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are part of the United Negro College Fund’s Career Pathways Initiative, a grant ($1,489,273) from the National Science Foundation was awarded to the Center in 2019.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Based upon findings from the College Internship Study that highlighted the challenges that working students have with pursuing internship opportunities, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside provided a grant ($46,522) to conduct a mixed-methods study of the career aspirations and experiences of working college students at UW-Parkside.

Wisconsin Center for Education Research

The initial seed funding for CCWT was generously provided by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research in 2017.