Tune In to Strive Out Facilitator Training

About the Tune In to Strive Out Program

Downloadable Flyer

The Covid-19 pandemic and the continuously evolving world-of-work have revealed that students need to develop psycho-social skills to enable them to transition into the unpredictable contemporary workplace. Tuned In Labs seeks to broaden the discussion of career readiness to include psycho-social skill development by training students in career development, entering and navigating the world of work, and engaging in wellness management. Our team of students and faculty co-designed a career wellness program for college students grounded in the Radical Healing framework and career development theories.

The Tune in to Strive Out Program is a 5-module Program that guides students through practices to preserve a stronger sense of wellness and self-determination while learning skills to navigate their career and school lives. Each module is delivered in 60 minutes, with one module per week over a five-week period. Topics are based on the five anchors of radical healing:

  • Module 1: Identify Our Values & Believe We Belong
  • Module 2: Visualize Our Success & Determine Career Act
  • Module 3: Resist & Persist in the Face of Barriers
  • Module 4: Acknowledge the Past, be in the Present, & Cultivate Hope for a Brighter Future
  • Module 5: Build Support for Personal & Collective Action

The Tuned In Team has spent two years facilitating and refining the program. CCWT is thrilled to train collaborators to offer the program to students. This introductory workshop will introduce the radical healing framework, provide an overview of the program, and offer insights and strategies for program implementation.


Contact Dr. Pa Her at pa.her@wisc.edu or Dr. Mindi Thompson at mnthompson@wisc.edu or visit ccwt.wisc.edu

On-Demand Facilitator Training Video

Who is the training for?

This 20-minute on-demand training video is designed for postsecondary educators, advisors, and administrators in academic and career services, health services, student organizations, student support services, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The workshop is led by members of the Tuned in Labs team housed within CCWT. Our team consists of faculty and students in counseling and vocational psychology who have published widely on career development and mental health among individuals from diverse and underrepresented groups.

How is the training structured?

The training video introduces the program and provide guidance for program facilitation. Opportunities for future consultation on program implementation may be available as needed.

What are the goals of the training?

At the conclusion of the training, you will:

  • Understand the rationale for the program and its foundation in the Radical Healing framework
  • Learn the primary goal and anticipated outcomes of each program module
  • Discover ways to consider implementing the Tune In To Strive Out Program with your students

Implement Tune In to Strive Out

If you are interested in implementing Tune In to Strive Out after watching the video, contact Dr. Pa Her at pa.her@wisc.edu to discuss next steps.