Teaching & Learning

Students invest significantly in their education and are increasingly expecting the return on that investment to include skills that prepare them adequately for entering their career after graduation. CCWT studies trends in employability skills, asset-based student engagement, and other workforce transition topics to help instructors develop meaningful teaching and learning strategies.

CCWT Affiliate Program

The CCWT Affiliate Program aims to foster and grow a cohort of highly-engaged collaborators that reflects a diversity of interests and activities within the scope of our mission and vision. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are eligible to become CCWT affiliates if they are actively engaged in using or conducting foundational or use-inspired research aligned with CCWT’s mission. We welcome cross-disciplinary collaboration and approaches and affiliates from all over the world.

Early Career Scholars Program

Early Career Scholars (ECS) is a 12-month (approximately) program that aims to develop and support the next generation of scholars by promoting leadership skills and providing community to early career faculty members or researchers who have an interest aligned with CCWT’s mission.

MGRI Toolkit

The Multiple Generator Random Interpreter (MGRI) method in Qualtrics is an innovative strategy that can yield richer data insights while decreasing respondent survey fatigue. The MGRI toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for implementing the MGRI, a sample survey, sample data, and instructions for how to clean the data collected from the survey.

Student Networks & Cultural Assets Project (NCA)

Although Latino/a/x/e (hereafter, “Latine”) students have high aspirations for achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), they remain underrepresented in the STEM workforce (Fry et al., 2021). Social support is key to STEM identity formation and sense of belonging, two important predictors of STEM persistence for historically marginalized students. The Student Networks and Cultural Assets (NCA) project uses the Community Cultural Wealth framework (CCW) – a theory focused on strengths within Communities of Color (Yosso, 2005) – to study Latine students’ social networks.


One step in our effort to cultivate a community of scholars, practitioners and students is sharing what is learned through our research. CCWT consistently publishes research, tools, and frameworks and makes them freely accessible via a searchable database on the Center’s website. This allows anyone with interest or need to access data that has been analyzed and synthesized by objective and qualified scientists.


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