Mira Grinsfelder

Position title: Alumni

Mira Grinsfelder was an undergraduate studying Education Studies with a Certificate in Afro-American Studies. She came to Madison as a transfer student. Her intention: to learn about racism and racial socialization. Since arriving, she had been involved in a variety of projects like crafting and facilitating a student internship around Sustainable Agriculture, facilitating community-based learning classes, and then assisting as a research intern for the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions. She is driven by a desire to poke holes in the ivory tower and make academe more porous. Her dream university is one where membership is radically inclusive, and knowledge captured and generated is shared widely. Besides that, her goals are expansive, and unrelated except by her desire to help other humans. She hopes one day to become a full-spectrum doula and, one day write a book (topics pending).