Zi Chen

Position title: Alumni

Dr. Zi Chen, PhD, was an Associate Researcher with the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Zi earned her Ph.D. from Boston University’s Department of Counseling Psychology & Applied Human Development. She uses quantitative research methodology and vocational psychology theories to explore youth and young people’s vocational identity, career adaptability, as well as the impact of contextual influences on individuals’ career development and psychological well-being. At CCWT, Dr. Chen worked on the longitudinal mixed-method research study—College Internship Study investigating college students’ internship participation, barriers of attending an internship, as well as internship program characteristics and their relations to students’ outcomes. Dr. Chen was also the director of National Survey of College Internship (NSCI), which is a nationwide survey effort to support faculty, career services professionals, and campus leaderships’ data based decisions about how to improve internships.