Sponsorship 2024

Downloadable Flyer

When you sponsor CCWT’s 2024 conference, you not only help us offset the costs of bringing students to the conference, but you also support the free programming we offer throughout the year. Sponsorship also allows us to recognize YOU and your support of our work by “co-branding” the event with your organization’s logo. Partnership and collaboration are crucial to the success of almost any endeavor. In our case, it is central to our mission.

Following are definitions of the sponsorship benefits CCWT is offering:

Conference registrations: sponsor will receive a designated number of conference registrations with sponsorship, resulting in a discount of approximately 25% off the already low registration fee for each attendee. These registrations must be used by individuals within the sponsor organization (employees or students).

Logo placement on conference website: sponsor’s logo will be placed on conference website.

Logo placement on promo materials: sponsor’s logo will be placed on promotional materials (flyers, brochures, images, etc.) not otherwise listed here. Click image at right for example logo placement.

Logo placement on opening/closing presentation slides, monitors: sponsor’s logo will be placed on recognition slides in presentations from CCWT leadership to open and close the conference as well as on the monitors in the large conference hall.

Recognition in media campaigns: CCWT will recognize the sponsor through images and posts on social media and any other appropriate media channels.

Click on the downloadable flyer (above right) to see the affordable sponsorship options and their respective benefits.

Do you have more questions? Email us at ccwt@wisc.edu.

The Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions has the right to and will refuse sponsorships from unacceptable sources, and/or with an unacceptable message. CCWT will decline a sponsorship that:

  • is in conflict with University policies;
  • adversely affects the University’s reputation;
  • appears to create an endorsement by the University of a particular company, product, political candidate or position regarding public policies;
  • is considered to contain obscene, indecent, or profane material;
  • ridicules, exploits, or discriminates against  persons on the basis of their social identities, including but not limited to: ability, faith, race, ethnicity, cultural identity/language, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, socio-economic status, and national origin, etc; or
  • is otherwise in conflict with the CCWT’s mission.