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Hora, M. T., Wolfgram, M., Huerta, A. H., Lee, C., & Gopal, A. (2022). A multilevel, agent-centered analysis of intersectionality in a Hispanic-Serving Institution: The case of college internship access for Latinx students. AERA Open, 8, 1-15. 

Wolfgram, M. & Ahrens, V. (2022).  One internship, two internships, three internships … more!’: Exploring the culture of the multiple internship economy, Journal of Education and Work,



Hora, M.T., Benbow, R., & Lee, C. (2021). A sociocultural approach to communication instruction: How insights from communication teaching instruction can inform faculty development programs. Journal of the Learning Sciences.

Thompson, M. N., Perez-Chavez, J., & Fetter, A. (2021). Internship experiences among college students attending an HBC: A longitudinal grounded theory exploration. Journal of Career Assessment.

Smolarek, B.B., Wolfgram, M., Vang, M. N., Xiong, C. P., Lee, L., Lee, P., Thao, M., Vang, K., Xiong, P. K., Xiong, O., & Xiong, P. (2021). Our HMoob American college paj ntaub: Student-engaged community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) as counter-invisibility work. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.