CCWT Student Resources

Collaborating with students in research has led to the development of student-centered tools, frameworks, and strategies. In fact, graduate and undergraduate student assistants drive the creation and refinement of some of CCWT’s resources, which you can find on the pages featured below.


Community Cultural Wealth

CCWT’s Networks & Cultural Assets (NCA) project utilizes an asset-based framework (Community Cultural Wealth) to examine the college-to-career transition for historically marginalized students. This approach builds on students’ existing strengths and reveals the centrality of familial capital in shaping students’ career pathways, the function of resistant capital in forming students’ career interests, the utility of students’ existing social capital in the job search process, and the role of counter-spaces in activating CCW for career success.

Tune In to Strive Out Career Wellness Program

The Tune In to Strive Out program was designed by a diverse team of students and faculty. Grounded in a radical healing framework, it’s a 5-module program that guides students through practices to preserve a stronger sense of wellness and self-determination while learning skills to navigate their career and school lives. Students have opportunities to develop community while engaging in activities to apply the skills their learning.

Tune In to Strive Out Career & Wellness Resources

Our Tuned In Labs team designed the Tune In to Strive Out resources help students broaden their understanding of career development, entering and navigating the workforce, wellness management, and so much more. We encourage readers to save and/or print as many toolkits as they’d like for their future reference