Career Readiness Across the Curriculum Workshops

Learn how to teach critical transferable skills to college students using a cultural approach to skills, teaching, and learning

One of the hottest topics in higher education today is the value of competencies that are called “soft skills,” “career readiness skills” or “21st century skills,” for students’ success in school, life, and work.  In 2018 CCWT Co-Director Matthew Hora developed a 7-week online faculty development course that led faculty through the history of the skills discourse and problems with generic notions of how skills like communication, critical thinking, and self-regulated learning are deeply shaped by the professions, race/ethnicity, and gender.  Participants were introduced to the “Skills as Cultural Scripts” approach to embedding these skills into course syllabi, lesson plans, or even in campus-wide strategic plans in a way that models sociocultural and equity-centered theories of learning.  

Free 1-hour workshop, once a month from 11am-12pm (CST) on 3/9/23, 4/13/23, & 5/11/23

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